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Seeking to be a family of believers in Christ, caring for one another, engaging in worship, directed by God’s Word, evangelizing through lifestyle witness and empowered by a relationship with a loving God. Learn a little bit more about us...

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    Ahhhhhh! Spring has finally arrived! I have been waiting for spring to get here since November.  So, for me, it has been a long (and I mean long) winter.  My spirit lifts as a new season begins.  Grass and trees turn green again, flowers bloom, the temperatures rise, and my friend Claritin sits standby in the medicine cabinet.  Renewed energy fills my soul.  I’m ready to tackle projects that have been waiting for months to begin.  We call this SPRING CLEANING To me, this means getting rid of the things I don’t use or need anymore.  If I haven’t seen it, used it, or remembered that I have it, it gets tossed. I want to get rid of the dust and the clutter to bring a sense of peace to my mind. Remove the “yuck” out of my life. One of my (our) projects is to clean out our garage. Too much stuff... Read More

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